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Windows Vista: “…. has stopped working”

Windows Vista sometimes has problems running certain Declan Software titles. The typical symptom is the a message like “……has stopped working”. The error meesage you get looks something like this:

Vista has stopped working

This is caused by a feature in Vista called Data Execution Prevention (DEP). If you want to learn more about what DEP is, look up DEP in your Windows Help and Support. Or, follow the steps outlined below and step 5 will show you the documentation on DEP. Note that DEP is also there in Windows XP and 2003. But on those systems, it does not cause problems as described here.

DEP is normally off. But lately, some PCs withVista pre-installed have started coming with DEP already put ON. This can cause problems with many programs, especially those that use some kind of licensing wrapper to protect the code against piracy.

The solutions below will help you fix this problem.

Checking your Windows DEP settings:

  1. Click on Start–Settings–Control Panel–System
  2. Click on Advanced page tab
  3. Click on the button Settings under Performance
  4. On the Performance Options that comes up, click on the Data Execution Prevention page tab
  5. If you want to know what DEP is, please click on “How does it work” link on that page.
  6. The default setting in XP used to be “Turn on DEP for essential programs and services only.” If that setting is already used, it won’t cause a problem with other software.
  7. However, if the second setting is selected, “Turn on DEP for all programs…” then that setting might cause problems with many applications like WhizFolders.

There can be two solutions:

Solution 1: Click on the first setting “Turn on DEP for essential programs and services only.” This will fix similar problems with all such applications which can’t run because of DEP setting.

Solution 2: Or, if you do want to use DEP and would prefer to keep the second setting, you must add selected programs to the Exceptions List below it. To add a Declan Software product to the exception list, please follow this procedure:

  1. Click on Add button below the list.
  2. Browse to the folder where theDeclan software is installed. This is usually the folder c:\program files\
    (eg. c:\program files\declan’s japanese flashcards\) depending on which program you are.
  3. Select the .EXE (eg. djfc.exe) file in that folder and click on Open.
  4. Click on Apply.

If the problem you are facing is related to DEP then the problem will go away.

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