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Recent User Feedback

Here is a selection of user feedback that we have recently recieved:

Arabic Language Software

I lived in the Middle East for 7 years and previously studied Arabic.  Having previously designed educational curricula, I recognize, and appreciate, the sophisticated design of your flashcards, they truly are incredible.  I only wish they had been available when I was living in Saudi Arabia.
Thank you.

John B. Nichol
Decatur, GA, United States

Chinese Language Software

I just wanted to say how delighted I am with Wordfile Creator Pro which I purchased the other day.  I have just started working my way through Practical Chinese Reader Book 3, and have spent some time today creating a file of the vocab in Chapter 1. I can see that the creator of the wordlists has had a copy of Book 3 to work from too! This will be a tremendous help to me, as I am studying entirely on my own, and it’s just great to have the correct sounds, and the practice I will get by using the files with your Flashcards program!

Margo Romberg
Dundee, United Kingdom

Chinese Language Software for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC

The following review has been approved by Handango and will display on the site at this time. The description of the review submitted by: Noah from Wichita, Kansas
For: Chinese Audio FlashCards
Rating: 5 out of 5
One line summary: Excellent Learning Software!


I’ve been a student of the Chinese language for a while and this is by far the BEST software   I’ve ever used. If you’re interested in learning Chinese, this is definitely worth it!
Product ID: 141709

Declan Software Customer Support

I have owned Declan Japanese software since at least 2004 and though I have never required technical assistance I have several times had to migrate the software to a new computer. Each time I have had to obtain new registration codes. Your response has always been amazingly fast and accurate. Previous messages to me from Declan have been from Eungyung (several years ago) and Ethan (last 2 years). You really do have the best customer support I have ever experienced, not one time but over a number of years.

Bruce Jones
Army Post Office, USA

Declan Software Customer Support

Declan Software provides GREAT customer service!  I will spread the word on the net and to the many Japanese language learners I meet in the course of my work.
Michael MCCracken
Yokosuka, Japan

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