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Italian Word of the Day iPhone App. – Feedback

“My Word!”   (Or iPhone Apps)

I’m studying Italian. Why? Because I want to!  I travelled to Rome in both 2006 and 2007, and found Italy one of the most wonderful travel destination. (It joins the ranks in my mind of places like Vienna; Warsaw, Poland, the Rhine River, Hong Kong, and the Gulf Coast of Florida!) When I’m going to a place like that, I always want to be able to do some communicating in the local language. So, last year I started an informal Italian class and worked on the language on my own. That worked well, and I was able to get along remarkable well. (It helps that the Italians are pleased, when you try to speak their language, instead of insisting that they use your English. They are also very forgiving about your mistakes.)

Along comes the Declan Software application for the iPhone: “Italian Word of the Day.”  Great app!!!  It not only provides the daily word, for the enormous fee of $.99 but what is remarkable is the kind of Word of the Day that you receive. They are phrases that are designed to get you into a conversation mode with the language immediately. I mean phrases like:  “on the left,” “ on the floor,” “on the table,” “instead of”. They are conversation blocks, not just words.

Of course they also have a similar application for words in other languages.  That’s cool but right now it’s Italian that I want, and they’re coming through.  Look them over.

Ken Z.