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How to Share WordFiles using Audio FlashCards (iPhone)

Only Custom WordFiles can be shared. So we need to start by creating one… Creating Custom WordFiles On the main view of the App, tap the “Load Another WordFile” button: That will bring you to the “Standard WordFiles” table. Now either swipe to the right or use the “User Cutsom” button on the bottom of [...]

Sound volume on the iPhone

A common question we get about our iPhone apps is how to increase the volume of the audio pronunciations even when the volumes slider in the App itself is up to maximum.  As we all know, the iPhone has a volume button on its side.  If there is no audio playing the button only adjusts the [...]

How to add foreign language keyboards on an iPhone

The iPhone and iPodTouch come standard with keyboards (and fonts and IMEs) for numerous languages – indeed, full multi-language support. The keyboards only need to be activated by the user – no downloads and no installation required. The languages include English, English (UK), Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, French (Canadian), Croatian, Hungarian, Icelandic, [...]

Windows Vista: “…. has stopped working”

Windows Vista sometimes has problems running certain Declan Software titles. The typical symptom is the a message like “……has stopped working”. The error meesage you get looks something like this: This is caused by a feature in Vista called Data Execution Prevention (DEP). If you want to learn more about what DEP is, look up [...]

Downloading, Installing And Registering – A Beginner’s Guide

All Declan Software language learning software is downloadable from our website. The downloadable software are the full versions but have some features or content locked until the software is purchased. This allows you to “try before you buy”. After the software is purchased online (using a credit card or PayPal) your User Name and Registration [...]