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Archive for 'iPad'

How to Share WordFiles using Audio FlashCards (iPhone)

Only Custom WordFiles can be shared. So we need to start by creating one… Creating Custom WordFiles On the main view of the App, tap the “Load Another WordFile” button: That will bring you to the “Standard WordFiles” table. Now either swipe to the right or use the “User Cutsom” button on the bottom of [...]

Black Friday SPECIALS! iPhone, iPad and Mac OS.

30% off all our iPhone, iPad and Mac OS FlashCards titles. Black Friday only.

FlashCards version 3.0 coming soon

A new version of FlashCards for iOS and Mac OS X is coming very soon. The major new feature is user-created Custom WordFiles. Stay tuned…  

Sound volume and mute on iOS devices

We have previously posted about setting the sound volume on an iPhone and other iOS devices. This can be cumbersome as the hardware volume “rocker” button on the sides of these devices switch between setting the ringer volume and setting the volume of music and other sounds.  Which volumes is set depends on what sound [...]

Greek Audio FlashCards for iPhone, iPad Mac OS X and Android

We have now released a Greek version of Audio FlashCards. Currently it is available for these platforms (click links for details): iPhone and iPod Touch (demo version), iPad (demo version), Mac OS X, and Android is coming soon. Features and Benefits: ◊  Over 4,500 Modern Greek words and phrases – Yes, that is right 4,500! And each and [...]

Audio FlashCards for iPad

Keeping it short and sweet:  For those of you lucky enough to have an iPad… Here is the initial trache of Audio FlashCards Apps now for iPad!! French Audio FlashCards for iPad Spanish Audio FlashCards for iPad German Audio FlashCards for iPad Italian Audio FlashCards for iPad Chinese Audio FlashCards for iPad Chinese (Traditional) Audio FlashCards for iPad Russian Audio FlashCards for iPad Indonesian Audio [...]