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AppPicker review of Italian FlashCards

A selection of iPhone FlashCards App Reviews

 — French iPhone —  ★★★★★ “Great App. Best for learning French and gaining confidence. Fabulous.” – Artello (New Zealand) ★★★★★ “Great flashcards for practicing French! Review, simple recall, textual and aural recognition, and spelling recall/challenge. I really like the recorded sounds of the words! Great app!” – Gary G. (Canada) ★★★★★ “I am a french minor and find this exhaustive [...]

GiveMe A Review – Spanish FlashCards

Here is a rather nice, and we think balanced, review of our Spanish FlashCards software: GiveMe A Review To quote: Declan Software’s innovative approach is backed up by research into what really works for a wide variety of learners. They found out that when it comes to learning – and learning that really sticks to [...]

Feeback via UserVoice

We have now intergrated UserVoice into our website. This allows visitors to provide feedback on the site and our products via the blue “feedback” botton floating at the right hand border of most pages – like this one.

Customer Feedback on Korean HakGyo

Freedback on Korean HakGyo: I absolutely love this program, but I’m having problems with it so I have to reinstall it. Within the first week of using this program I’ve already increased my korean vocabulary and knowledge by so much, being half korean, and I’ve really picked up the system really quick as well. I’ve [...]

Japanese Flashcards Reviewed

A nice review of our Japanese language software on FileForum by reviewer xboco: Outside of the fact that I’m currently a student taking Japanese (it just so happens that, because I transferred, I missed a year of Japanese and have to now take it over the summer), this program is simply fantastic. One of the [...]

Italian Word of the Day iPhone App. – Feedback

“My Word!”   (Or iPhone Apps) I’m studying Italian. Why? Because I want to!  I travelled to Rome in both 2006 and 2007, and found Italy one of the most wonderful travel destination. (It joins the ranks in my mind of places like Vienna; Warsaw, Poland, the Rhine River, Hong Kong, and the Gulf Coast of [...]

User feedback – from Linda H.

We like getting user feedback like this:  I think your programs are fanatasic and my Korean has improved allot. My friends are astonished about how good my Korean is without going to a school to learn.. Thank you so much Linda H.

Recent User Feedback

Here is a selection of user feedback that we have recently recieved: Arabic Language Software I lived in the Middle East for 7 years and previously studied Arabic.  Having previously designed educational curricula, I recognize, and appreciate, the sophisticated design of your flashcards, they truly are incredible.  I only wish they had been available when [...]

Korean Software – User Feedback

User feedback from Gerald E. I find your products much easier to use and many times more effective than the RosettaStone program that I just purchased.  I would not recommend RosettaStone to anyone, especially for a language like Korean.  So far, I have learned more Korean by using your “trial verson” of Flash cards, than [...]