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Black Friday SPECIALS! iPhone, iPad and Mac OS.

30% off all our iPhone, iPad and Mac OS FlashCards titles. Black Friday only.

‎50% SALE: FlashCards for Mac OS X

‎50% SALE on all versions of FlashCards for Mac OS X – for 2 days only. Links to all out Mac OS X Apps can be found here.

FlashCards version 3.0 coming soon

A new version of FlashCards for iOS and Mac OS X is coming very soon. The major new feature is user-created Custom WordFiles. Stay tuned…


Newsletter – October 2011

Check out our latest e-mail newsletter:

Sunday Photo: 25 September 2011

Word of the Day iPhone App – Update

We have just updated our iPhone Word of the Day App. Now you can share the Word of the Day on Facebook and Twitter! Just tap the Facebook or Twitter buttons and the Word of the Day (and its meaning, and pronunciation if applicable) is posted on your Facebook wall or Twitter stream to share with all your friends and followers.


Word of the Day for iPhone and iPod Touch (a new word for each day to eternity & FREE ) * French * Japanese * Chinese (Simplified) * Chinese (Traditional) * Korean * German * Spanish * Italian * Russian * Arabic * Hebrew * Greek * Brazilian * Portuguese.

Newsletter: August 2011

We just sent out our Newsletter for August 2011.  You can read it here:

Facebook Word of the Day Apps

We have just finished updating and extending the number of languages available in our Facebook Word of the Day Apps:

Arabic Word of the Day
Brazilian Word of the Day
Chinese Word of the Day
French Word of the Day
German Word of the Day
Greek Word of the Day
Hebrew Word of the Day
Indonesian Word of the Day
Italian Word of the Day
Japanese Word of the Day
Korean Word of the Day
Portuguese Word of the Day
Russian Word of the Day
Spanish Word of the Day
  • First and foremost:  they are  ** FREE **
  • A new word for each day to eternity!
  • A new  word or expression every single day.
  • High quality native-speaker audio pronunciation.
  • Meanings in clear and simple English.

Hebrew FlashCards for Mac OS X

Hebrew FlashCards for Mac OS XThe Mac OS X version of Hebrew Flashcards is now available.  Here is the direct link to the Mac App Store.

◊ Over 4,100 Hebrew words and phrases – Yes, that is right – 4,100! And each and every one with native speaker audio.

◊ Every word includes crystal-clear native-speaker audio recording of the pronunciation.

◊ All words include vowel markers, which can be toggled on and off with a single tap on the screen.

◊ Flashcard Review and Exercises to aid memorization.

◊ Learning-list testing technique ensures word retention.