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Audio FlashCards for iPad

Bahasa Indonesian on Audio FlashCards Online

Bahasa Indonesian is now available on AudioFlashCards Online – featuring over 4000 words.

Online FlashCards: Now in BETA

Online FlashCards BETA
Our Online FlashCards service is now in beta.

Declan Software’s Online FlashCards service is now in beta.  If you are interested in taking it for a spin, then please step this way

Chrome Extensions – Word of the Day

Google has just launched Extensions for its Chrome browser. These are small buttons on the browser toolbar that launch mini applications when clicked.

We now have Word of the Day Chrome extensions for all of our languages:  Brazilian,  Chinese,  German,  French,  Italian,  Spanish,  Korean,  Chinese,  Russian,  Japanese,  Indonesian,  Arabic.

GiveMe A Review – Spanish FlashCards

Here is a rather nice, and we think balanced, review of our Spanish FlashCards software:

GiveMe A Review

To quote:

Declan Software’s innovative approach is backed up by research into what really works for a wide variety of learners. They found out that when it comes to learning – and learning that really sticks to your mind – the simple tool called flashcard, when innovated, is more than useful.

Logo Idea #1

An Online Version of FlashCards coming….

…soon.  And here is a little preview:

Sound volume on the iPhone

A common question we get about our iPhone apps is how to increase the volume of the audio pronunciations even when the volumes slider in the App itself is up to maximum.  As we all know, the iPhone has a volume button on its side.  If there is no audio playing the button only adjusts the ringer volume.  To use it to adjust the listening volume,  a sound must be playing. In the context of our Apps, that means that you need to press the volume buttons while the audio pronunciation is actually playing.

Another common issues is that having the mute switch ON (also on the side of the iPone) will so mute the sound from our Apps.

Declan’s iPhone Apps all togther

There are iTunes links to all our Apps here.

Feeback via UserVoice

We have now intergrated UserVoice into our website. This allows visitors to provide feedback on the site and our products via the blue “feedback” botton floating at the right hand border of most pages – like this one.