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Japanese Audio Flashcards - for iPhone and iPod Touch

Learn over 6500 Japanese words and phases on your iPhone featuring native-speaker audio.

Audio Flashcards

Features and Benefits:

Over 110 Japanese audio wordfiles totaling 6500 words and phrases.

Every word includes a native speaker's audio recording.

Flashcard review and exercises to aid memorization.

Learning-list testing technique ensures word retention.

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Review Words

The words are learned using a Learning List which contains a subset of all the words in the wordlist (usually 10 words). These words can be reviewed using the "Review Words" view.


Once the word in the learning list have been review, the user then moves onto the Exercise of which there are four - starting with the "Word Exercise".


Meaning Exercise

And then the "Meaning Exercise".

Listening Exercise

And then the "Listening Exercise".



Spelling Exercise

And finally the "Spelling Exercise".

In order for a word to be marked as complete and moved off the Learning List (to be replaced by another as-yet unlearned word) all the exercises must be answered correctly and consecutively. If one answer is incorrect than all scores for that word are reset and all exercises must be redone.

Tasks and Options

In the Task and Options view the scores and learning list for the current WordFile can be reset or the Wordfile can be marked as completed. Also Review options can be set including whether to review the word, meaning and pronunciation and listen to the audio simultaneously, or to view/listen to them one following the other.


Loading WordFiles

The Japanese version of Audio FlashCards has 110 audio wordfiles totaling 6500 words and phrases. New WordFile can be loaded using this view.

Downloading WordFiles

The Japanese software come reloaded with 3 wordfiles. The remaining wordfiles need to be download before they can be used. This is down using the "WordFile Download" view and requires a WiFi or 3G internet connection.


About and Volume Control

The About view can be accessed by touching the small "i" button in the main view. There is where the audio volume slider can be accessed.

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