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Learn to read and write 2000 kanji including examples & stroke order animations

Learn to read and write the entire 1945 official joyo Kanji

Learn to read and write  over 1900 Kanji characters with Declan Software's ReadWrite Kanji software


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Now used in scores of school and university language labs all around the world including in Japan itself.

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Features and Benefits


Learn the entire official 1945 joyo kanji taught Japanese children


Writing stroke order animations for all kanji 


Over 3000 examples of the use of the kanji included 


Flashcard review and exercises to aid memorization


"Learning Window" based learning to measure progress and ensure retention


Windows Mobile/Pocket PC version also available here


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Free Trial Download

Only $16 for a lifetime license

Download a free trial copy of ReadWrite Kanji Order Declan Software's ReadWrite Hiragana online now!

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the rwkanji.exe setup file and save it on your PC.
  2. Double click the downloaded rwkanji.exe file to install the program.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. When complete the program will be installed with a shortcut icon available in the Programs folder and on the Desktop.

Registering ReadWrite Kanji

  1. Have your serial number ready
  2. Start ReadWrite Kanji on your computer and click the "Register" button.
  3. Enter your registration detail in the appropriate text boxes and then click the "Register" button.

What is Kanji:

Kanji means Chinese letter or character. The script was invented by the Chinese and adopted by the Japanese around the middle of the 6th century AD. Kanji are ideographs meaning that the whole character conveys a meaning rather than just a sound (as in the case of hiragana and katakana letters). 

Kanji were originally drawn as pictures from nature but gradually transformed to more generalised representations. In Japanese there are generally more than one pronunciation of a kanji. The ON pronunciation (onyomi) is taken from the Chinese pronunciation and the KUN pronunciation (kunyomi) which is derived from the indigenous Japanese pronunciation of the same word/meaning. By the end of year nine Japanese students will have learned 1945 kanji as prescribed by the Japanese Ministry of Education (the Jouyou Kanji). There are many many more less commonly used kanji totalling over 5000.


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