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Payment FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about purchasing Declan's Korean Language software.
PayPal Payment


Can I pay using PayPal?

Payments for Declan Software products can be made using PayPal.

Payment using PayPal does not require PayPal membership - just a credit card. Of course if you do have a PayPal account payments can also be made using a transfer of funds from your account.

The PayPay payment links are here.

Money Back Guarantee  

Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence. In addition to free downloadable trials so you can see if our range of software is exactly right for you, we offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're not absolutely thrilled with our software, we don't deserve your money. Contact us and we'll process your refund as soon as reasonably possible, generally within one business day.


Frequently Asked Questions  

Is my credit card data safe?

Immediately after you key in your credit card number on our site and proceed to the next screen, our software encrypts your information so that no one, including you and all of our employees, will ever see your card number. Your encrypted credit information is immediately transmitted to a system that can check your credit status and approve your purchase. In this process, no person ever sees your credit card number, and there is no risk of interception.

This system makes Internet shopping safer than purchasing by telephone or shopping in stores, where other people have access to hard copies of your credit card number.

Can I pay by check or bank transfer?

Yes, you can choose payment method while placing the order online. To pay by check or money transfer, use standard online order form. After you complete the form, you will receive further instructions by email how to proceed with the payment. In this case credit card number is not necessary to place the order.


Alternative Payment Methods
PayPal: PayPal payment links are here.

Fax: US Toll Free Fax:  1-888-353-7276
International fax  +1 425 392 0223
Phone: US Toll Free:  1-877-353-7297
International phone: +1 425 392 2294
Giro: Use the RegNow! registration form (follow the BUY NOW links above) and select "Giro" in the Payment Method option.
Postal mail: Use the RegNow! registration form (follow the BUY NOW links above) and select "Check/Money Order" in the Payment Method option.


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