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Learn the basics of Korean grammar and vocabulary


Welcome Page

The Welcome Page introduces Korean HakGyo and includes instructions for getting started using the software.

The simplest way to use the program is to progress through the pages by clicking the  button on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

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Overview Page

The Overview page introduces the topics to be covered in the current chapter. A sort dialogue highlighting these themes is also included at the bottom of the page.

In both case hovering the mouse over the items will give further details in the case of the topic outline, and the English translation in the case of the dialogue.

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Grammar Pages

Each Chapter introduces a number of grammar topics. The topic and a number of examples are covered on the Grammar Pages.

The example all feature native-speaker audio.






Hovering the mouse over the red section of the example and an explanation of the grammar related to the example will appear in the bottom frame.


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Vocabulary Page

The Vocabulary Page introduces the new vocabulary for the chapter.

The vocabulary and the audio can be reviewed using the AutoProgress feature which allows for automatic progress through the list of vocabulary with the choice of playing the audio and delaying the display of the English meaning of the Korean words.

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Vocabulary Exercises

After the vocabulary has been reviewed, a number vocabulary exercises test retention.

The exercise including multiple choice (Korean to English (with or without sound) and English to Korean), Connect Exercise, Matching and Word Sorting.

The individual exercises can be access directly using the black submenu in the right-hand column.

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Grammar Exercises

The Grammar Exercises test the grammar introduced in the chapter.

Exercises include:

  • Verb Conjugation

  • Multiple Choice

  • Word Order Shorting

  • Blanks

  • Conversation Building

  • Sentence Building

  • and many more...

Again the individual exercises can be access directly using the black submenu in the right-hand column.







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Grammar Summary

A summary of the chapter's grammar can be brought up to assist in completing the Grammar Exercise.

The Grammar Summary can be accessed by clicking this button:


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All of the Korean HakGyo vocabulary can be referenced in the inbuilt audio dictionary. The dictionary is available by clicking the Dictionary menu item in the bottom of the left-hand column.

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