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Declan's Russian Dictionary - Screenshots & Features
A fully searchable 23,000 word Russian-English Dictionary


Searches can be made

  • for Russian words in cyrillic script;

  • for English meanings; &

  • for Russian examples; &

The search results are displayed in the bottom 'Search Results" frame. After clicking on a search result, the words details will be displayed in the 'Word Definition' frame on the top left-hand side.

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Russian Keyboard

The inbuilt Russian keyboard can be used to aid the entry of hangul.

The Russian Keyboard can be accessed using this button just above the search textbox as illustrated below.

.Download Russian Dictionary


Marking Words

Words can be marked by doubling clicking them in the Search Results frame

or by clicking the "Toggle Word Mark" button.

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Using Marked Words

All marked words can be viewed by clicking the "Manage Marked Words" button

The "Export Marked Word to XFL file" allows the marked words to be exported for use in Declan's Russian FlashCards for studying and memorization.

Download Russian Dictionary

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